Ubiquitous Communication in an Intelligent World
Workshop, Sept. 18–19, 2009, Budapest
Richard Cavell, Angels and Robots: Bio-extension Revisited in the Age of Communicating Objects
Peter Fleissner, The Noosphere of Objects: Some Thoughts on the Recent Wave of Mobile Communication
James Katz, Issues in the Sociology and Metaphysics of "Ubiquitous Communication in an Intelligent World"
Rich Ling – Pal Roe Sundsoy, Mobile Communication as a Mundane Medium
Irmela Schneider, Media of Dissemination and the Differentiation of Social Relationships

COMMUNICATIONS IN THE 21ST CENTURY project co-ordinated by Kristóf Nyíri and Gabriella Liptay
Conference organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Hungarian Telekom