< Kommunikation im 21. Jahrhundert

Mobile Democracy: Essays on Society, Self and Politics
ed. by Kristóf Nyíri, Vienna: Passagen Verlag, 2003

Short summary
A Nation of Ghosts? Choreography of Mobile Communication in Public Spaces
  by James E. Katz (© 2003 by James E. Katz. All Rights Reserved)
Global Nomads in the Digital Veldt
  by Joshua Meyrowitz (© 2003 by Joshua Meyrowitz. All Rights Reserved)
Virtual Strangers: Young Love and Texting in the Filipino Archipelago of Cyberspace
  by Bella Ellwood-Clayton (© 2003 by Bella Ellwood-Clayton. All Rights Reserved)
Communication Order in Hungarian Society: Networks in a Hungarian City
  by Csaba Szabó (© 2003 by Csaba Szabó. All Rights Reserved.)