Mobile Communication and the Ethics of Social Networking
Sept. 25–27, 2008, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest V., Roosevelt tér


Elaine Arnull – Susannah Eagle
   Mobile Phones as Autobiography:
   Young Women, Delinquency and Self-hood
Viktor Bedő
   Imaging the Moving Community:
   How Locative Media Pertains to Social Software
András Benedek
    Mobile Learning: New Horizons and Unstable Summits
János Boros
    Mobile Communication Ethics – Ethics, Promise and Spacetime
Jaz Hee-jeong Choi
   Searching the Self in Seoul:
   Trans-youth and Urban Social Networking in Korea
Wolfgang Coy
   Volunteered Slavery – Communicate Whenever & Wherever
György Csepeli
   Masquerade in the Blogroom:
   (Effects of Anonimity on Communication in the New Medium)
Gabriela David
   Clarifying the Mysteries of an Exposed Intimacy:
   Another Intimate Representation Mise en scene
Charles Ess
   Always On?
   Ethical and Political Dimensions of Mobile Communication Technologies
András Falus
   Systems Biology and Genomics:
   A Rational Approach towards a Holistic View
Manuela Farinosi
   New Technologies, New Challenges to Privacy:
   Is It Time for Privacy 2.0?
Leopoldina Fortunati
   Reflections on Mediated Gossip
Daniel L. Golden
   Utopia Calling
Anna Győrfi – Ian Smythe
   Re-engaging the SEN Child into Learning through Social Networking:
   A Case Study
Richard Harper
   The Communication Paradox
Stefan Hedelius
   Digital Natives –
   Driving the Converged Information and Communication Market
Larissa Hjorth
   Framing Imaging Communities:
   Gendered ICTs and SNS (Social Networking Systems) in the Asia-Pacific
Soo-yeon Hwang
   Should I Use or Not Use Mobile Phone in Public Places?
   An Analysis of Museum Policies on Mobile Phone Use
Indrek Ibrus
   Content Providers Facing the Device-Agnostic Web:
   Emancipatory Struggles of the Mobile Web
James E. Katz
   Social Structure, New Communication Technology and Citizen Journalism
Zsuzsanna Kondor
    Communication and the Metaphysics of Practice: Sellarsian Ethics Revisited
Chih-Hui Lai – James E. Katz
   A Multi-stakeholder Investigation of Ethical and Usage Issues of Mobile Social Networking
Monika Langenberger
   Determinants of Chosen Unavailability in SMS Communication:
   An Experiment Concerning Gender, Personality and Aspects of Content
Sun Kyong Lee
   Mobile Phone Use in a Science Museum:
   Toward a Possibility of Informal Science Learning
Rich Ling
   Trust, Cohesion and Social Networks:
   The Case of Quasi-illicit Photos in a Teen Peer Group
László Lovász
   Large Networks Through the Eye of a Mathematician
Giuseppe Lugano
   Reconciling Social and Economic Development:
   The Role of Virtual Currency in Mobile Social Applications
István Maradi
    Social Networking on 3 Screens: A Transition Story
László Molnár
   Knowledge-based Society as Surveillance Society?
   Some Remarks on the Development of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in Hungary
Norbert Pachler – John Cook
   Mobile, Informal and Lifelong Learning:
   A UK Policy Perspective
Gábor Palló
    Decision Dilemmas in Mobile Phone Health Issues
Giuseppina Pellegrino
    The Electronic Body between Fragmentation and Concentration:
    Tracing Symptoms for an Ethics of Multiplicity

Sandra Pöschl – Nicola Döring
    Managing Mobile Availability: Exploring the Role of Social Interdependence
Anna Reading
   The Playful Panopticon?
   Ethics and the Coded Self in Social Networking Sites
Waltraut Ritter
   Mad Cow Disease and Social Networking:
   Information Ethics in the Internet Society
Kurt Röttgers
   The Pornographic Turn
   Or: The Loss of Decency
Klára Sándor
    Trapped in the Net? The Crisis of Liberal Democracies
Ulrich Johannes Schneider
   An Update on Foucault in the Age of Mobile Communication
Attila Simon-Székely
   The Real and Virtual Human Identity
Satomi Sugiyama
   Mobile Technologies and Communication Ethics
   for College Students of Various Cultural Backgrounds
Balázs László Szekfű
   Direct Democracy Online:
   First Steps Toward Democratic Global Governance
Gábor Szécsi
   Electronic Media and the Restyling of Political Communication
Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky
   The Ethical Gossip-Effect: Three Degrees of Inclusion
   Gossip in Social Networks
Katherine Todrys – Patricia Mechael
   The Ethics of Telemedicine in Africa
   The Millennium Villages Project Experience
Emiliano Treré
   Privacy and Facebook:
   Reflections on Past, Present and Future Research   
Sebastián Ureta Icaza – Wilson Munoz
   Performing Cyborg Identities:
   The Co-ontology of Personal Identities and Mobile Phones
   among Teenagers in Santiago, Chile
Lotte Vermeir
   Anytime, Anywhere:
   Our Ambiguous Relation with Our Mobile Phone
Jane Vincent
   Mobile Phones and Children in the UK:
   The Changing Social Practices of a Group of Children Aged 11-16 from 2004 to 2007
Wilhelm Vossenkuhl
    Responsiveness and Responsibility:
    New Moral Dimensions in the Net?
Cara Wallis
   "Technologies of Freedom?"
   Mobile Phones, Resistance, and Surveillance in the Workplace

Conference organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and T-Mobile