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Mobile Studies: Paradigms and Perspectives
ed. by Kristóf Nyíri, Vienna: Passagen Verlag, 2007

Kristóf Nyíri: Preface
Csaba Pléh: Representational Systems, Selection, and the Diffusion of Ideas
Zsuzsanna Kondor: The Mobile Image: Experience on the Move
András Benedek: Mobile Learning and Lifelong Knowledge Acquisition
István Maradi: Mobile Work
Kristóf Kovács: Modern Technology and the Secular Increase in IQ
Klára Sándor: Back to Natural
Daniel L. Golden: Perception Mobilized
Ferenc András: Space as a Scene of Communication
Kristóf Nyíri: Time and the Mobile Order
Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky: Mobile Communication, Self-Organisation, and Urban Renewal
Viktor Bedő: Maps as Tools of Thinking
Gergő Prazsák: Network Society 2.0, or virtuelle Gemeinschaft
Endre Dányi: The Internet and the Mobile Phone as Competing Metaphors
Henrik Schneider: The Reporting Mobile. A New Platform for Citizen Media
Gábor Palló: Testimony, Pictures, and the Credibility of Science in the Mobil Age
Notes on Contributors