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Engagement and Exposure: Mobile Communication and the Ethics of Social Networking
ed. by Kristóf Nyíri, Vienna: Passagen Verlag, 2009

Short summary
Social Structure, New Communication Technology and Citizen Journalism
  by James E. Katz (© 2009 by James E. Katz. All Rights Reserved)
Social Networking on 3 Screens: A Transition Story
  by István Maradi (© 2009 by István Maradi. All Rights Reserved)
Mobile Learning: New Horizons and Unstable Summits
  by András Benedek (© 2009 by András Benedek. All Rights Reserved)
Re-engaging the SEN Child into Learning through Social Networking: A Case Study
  by Anna Gyôrfi & Ian Smythe (© 2009 by Anna Gyôrfi & Ian Smythe. All Rights Reserved)
Mobile, Informal and Lifelong Learning: A UK Policy Perspective
  by Norbert Pachler & John Cook (© 2009 by Norbert Pachler & John Cook. All Rights Reserved)