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A Sense of Place: The Global and the Local in Mobile Communication
ed. by Kristóf Nyíri, Vienna: Passagen Verlag, 2005

Short summary
The Rise of Glocality New Senses of Place and Identity in the Global Village
  by Joshua Meyrowitz (© 2005 by Joshua Meyrowitz. All Rights Reserved)
The Meaning of Localism in a Global World
  by Raimondo Strassoldo (© 2005 by Raimondo Strassoldo. All Rights Reserved)
A Certain Sense of Place Mobile Communication and Local Orientation
  by Joachim R. Höflich (© 2005 by Joachim R. Höflich. All Rights Reserved)
Intimacy Fiction Intimate Discourses in Mobile Telephone Communication amongst Norwegian Youth
  by Lin Prøitz (©2005 by Lin Prøitz. All Rights Reserved)
Texting and God The Lord is My Textmate – Folk Catholicism in the Cyber Philippines
  by Bella Ellwood-Clayton (©2005 by Bella Ellwood-Clayton. All Rights Reserved)
The Domestication of Camera-Phone and MMS Communication The Early Experience of Young Italians
  by Barbara Scifo (©2005 by Barbara Scifo. All Rights Reserved)
Images of Home
  by Kristóf Nyíri (© 2005 by Kristóf Nyíri. All Rights Reserved)
Science of Networks From Society to the Web
  by Albert-László Barabási (© 2005 by Albert-László Barabási. All Rights Reserved)