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Mobile Understanding: The Epistemology of Ubiquitous Communication
ed. by Kristóf Nyíri, Vienna: Passagen Verlag, 2006

Short summary
Where Are You? Mobile Ontology
  by Maurizio Ferraris (© 2005 by Maurizio Ferraris. All Rights Reserved)
Being Mobile: Cognitive Multiplicity
   by Zsuzsanna Kondor (© 2005 by Zsuzsanna Kondor. All Rights Reserved)
Collective Thinking
  by Kristóf Nyíri (© 2005 by Kristóf Nyíri. All Rights Reserved)
Learning As Conversation: Transforming Education in the Mobile Age
  by Mike Sharples (© 2005 by Mike Sharples. All Rights Reserved)
New Vistas of Learning in the Mobile Age
  by András Benedek (© 2005 by András Benedek. All Rights Reserved)
e-Learning Nudism: Stripping Context from Content
  by Herbert Hrachovec (© 2005 by Herbert Hrachovec. All Rights Reserved)
What Counts as Digital Literacy: Experiences from a Seventh-Grade Classroom in Norway
  by Louise Mifsud (© 2005 by Louise Mifsud. All Rights Reserved)
Seeing the "Seeing" of Others: Environmental Knowing through Camera-Phones
  by Fumitoshi Kato (© 2005 by Fumitoshi Kato. All Rights Reserved)
Contents, Forms and Functionsof Interpersonal Pictorial Messages...
  by N. Döring, Ch. Dietmar, A. Hein, K. Hellwig (© 2005 by Döring-Dietmar-Hein-Hellwig. All Rights Reserved)
Magic in the Air: Spiritual and Transcendental Aspects of Mobiles
  by James E. Katz (© 2005 by James E. Katz. All Rights Reserved)